Wowpot Progressive Jackpot

The Wow Pot online slot is available in two versions, because it is so popular that the developer Microgaming has decided to bring it out with three and five reels. Regardless of which version you choose, you get a relatively conservative experience here, which is enhanced by a wild symbol and, last but not least, the progressive jackpot (only available in real money mode) shared by the games. Classic symbols like the Liberty Bells, all sorts of fruits, bars and sevens dominate the PayTable. However, mobile users look into the tube with both versions, because this is where the now outdated Flash is used.

Wow Pot Three Reel

Wow Pot is a variation on an online video slot machine. It has 3 wheels, 1 row of numbers and 3 coin slots. Similar symbols must land on the number lines in order to win the jackpot. So that you win the highest payout, it makes sense to bid on all slots. This definitely increases the jackpot prize that you can take home with you. it will activate the wild and multiplier Wow Pot symbol at the same time, making the jackpot progressive. The jackpot grows until someone wins it.

If you bet on the three slots, you can replace any symbol with the Wow Pot symbol. Because of this, it has become easier to win the game. The Wow Pot symbol also serves as a multiplayer symbol. A Wow Pot symbol increases your prize money when two symbols quadruple the value.

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Wow Pot Five Reel

If you’ve ever been looking for a game that can win you a huge chunk of money, Wowpot 5 Reel is for you. This type of video slot has 5 reels, 15 slots and 15 lines. To get the highest payout you should bet on all slots on the machine. This will activate all of Wowpot’s number lines. These rows decide whether you win the jackpot or not. Similar symbols must land on one of these rows for you to win money.

What makes this game so special is that it has a so-called wild symbol that also serves as a multiplier. This symbol is the symbol of the Wowpot. Its main function is to substitute for other symbols to form a winning combination. Note, however, that it cannot replace the game’s scatter symbol.

Information about Wow Pot Jackpot

In order to win the Wow Pot jackpot, you have to play in all versions with the maximum bet and, depending on the number of reels, collect the machine’s logo three or five times (on the 15th payline). On average, the jackpot is cracked every 2.5 weeks, with the winner of the Wow Pot normally looking forward to over 13,500 USD/EUR. The highest distributed profit to date was over USD/EUR 50,000. Note that these numbers have increased significantly since two slot machines shared a prize money pool. A good decision from Microgaming for all jackpot lovers.

Play Wow Pot in Online Casinos

Of course you have to play in real money mode to participate in progressive jackpot slots at casinos such as Grand Mondial, Captain Cooks and Cosmo casino, as this depends on the deposit in the prize pool. Apart from that, many other machines can also be played in the casinos without registering by simply calling up the free demo mode and borrowing credits from the bank. So you can quickly find your favorite machines without risking your own money and you can still take great bonuses from the casino when you switch.

The Game Principle of Wow Pot Slot

A relatively classic gaming experience is offered by the Wow Pot “slot game” with three reels. Here is the playing field and the pay table and of course the jackpot display on a single screen and you can see all combinations. The five-reel variant lacks space, which is why the overall playing field is much larger and the pay table has its own screen. The number and appearance of the symbols are also different. Both have the wow pot logo in common, which is used as a wild symbol and triggers the jackpot. Depending on the variant, the functions of the symbol are slightly different:

With three reels you get normal winnings for one or two wild symbols. In addition, the wild symbol is able to substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations. If so, the resulting win is doubled (x2) for one symbol in the combination and quadrupled (x4) for two. Three wild symbols bring the jackpot.

With five reels there is a maximum of five wild symbols, which also has the function of completing winning combinations like a joker, but here the resulting win is only doubled for all combinations, regardless of how many wild symbols are used. Five wild symbols on the 15th payline bring the jackpot.

The scatter symbol is only available in the five reel version, is not linked to paylines and is multiplied by the total stake for any win, which can make it a profitable source of profit, but otherwise has no special function.

The jackpot is a real progressive jackpot that is unlimited, organized and monitored by Microgaming and used by both slot machines. This means that you pay equal shares into the prize pool in both variants, but also that a win sets both back to the guaranteed EUR/USD 1,000 that is always in the pot. If you want to take part, you have to bet all 3 coins on three reels for a total of 1.50 EUR/USD, with five reels the “Max Bet” of 0.10 EUR/USD on all 15 paylines for a total bet of 1.50 EUR/USD.

Wow Pot Stakes, Features and Winnings

The three reel Wow Pot slot machine has only one display line, which is also the only payline. The variant with five reels has three display lines and fifteen pay lines. In both cases these cannot be changed. With Wowpot 5 Reel, the number of coins is specified, while with Wowpot 3 Reel it can be set between 1 and 3. In order to participate in the jackpot, you have to place the max bet of 1.50 EUR/USD in both cases, which is offset by an RTP (return to player) of 89%.

The paytables are grossly different. With Wow Pot 3 Reel there are cherries, bars and sevens in different shapes, with Wow Pot 5 Reel the Liberty Bell and various fruits as well as the scatter symbol are added. In detail, they are divided as follows:

Wow Pot 3 Reel (All winnings in Coins)

One cherry – 2, two cherries – 4, three cherries – 20, each bar – 8, three single bars – 20, three double bars – 40, three triple bars – 60, three sevens in any combination – 80, three red sevens – 160, three striped sevens – 1,000, three times “Wow Pot Logo” – JACKPOT

Wow Pot 5 Reel (All wins in coins for 3 – 4 – 5 identical symbols)

Cherries: 2 – 5 – 40, plum: 2 – 6 – 60, lemon: 3 – 8 – 80, orange: 4 – 10 – 100, melon: 5 – 12 – 120, bell: 6 – 15 – 180, bar: 8 – 15 – 200, striped seven: 8 – 20 – 300, glittering seven: 10 – 30 – 400, scatter (not linked to paylines): 3 – 30 – 300, wow pot logo (two or more of the same): 4 – 20 – 800 – 5,000, Wow Pot Logo x5 on the 15th payline: JACKPOT

Wow Pot Slot Machine Conclusion

Whether you choose the variant with three or five reels slots depends entirely on your personal preference, because from a purely statistical point of view, neither version has any advantages. However, it is good that Microgaming has decided to relaunch the popular slot machine, because you can switch between the two and still participate in the same jackpot, which increases even faster than usual due to the split pot. At just 1.50 EUR/USD, the manufacturer has also kept the entry barrier quite small. The amount should be manageable for all budgets.

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